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Confused about online advertising? You're not alone. It's a new world for businesses looking to promote their services and products, and it comes with a new language. The following FAQ page is designed to answer a few questions about terminology used in the online advertising business. If you have other questions that aren't answered here, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 905-728-3198 and we'll be happy to answer them.

What is a leaderboard ad?
This is the large 728 pixel by 90 pixel sized ad you see at the top of many websites. These are generally among the most effective of web ads, and we run them at the top of our site (in our nameplate) and on the bottom of article pages (at a discounted rate). A sample of this size is below.

{module content_leaderboardad}

What is a medium rectangle ad?
A medium rectangle ad is 300 pixels by 250 pixels (see below) and approaches (in our experience) the effectiveness of a leaderboard ad, if done right (see more about that later in the FAQs).

{module content_300x250}


What is a vertical banner ad?
These are smaller, 120 pixel by 240 pixel ads that run at the sides of most non-article pages on our site. They are great for branding your business, although the click through rates are lower than larger ad sizes, so it is not a very effective way to drive traffic to your website.

What is button ad?
Size of this ad is 120 pixels by 90. It's a small button sized ad that we will run on the right hand side of most of our non-article pages. Again, it is great for branding and creating name recognition, but does not receive a very high click through rate if you are looking at using it to drive visitors to your website.

What file formats do you handle?
Ads need to be either gif or jpeg files. We offer creative services, but are happy to convert your existing ads to a format we can use, with one caveat. Be aware that print sizes are different from web ad sizes, and your creative may suffer in the conversion. If you have some computer (and creative) savvy, you can try to create your own ads... just make sure that they are created using pixel measurements (the web standard) that are the same as the ones above, and that the ad is optimized for the web.

What makes for a good web ad?
The same things that make for a good print ad. A call to action, a clear message, a memorable brand... and good design.

Why do you use impression based advertising as opposed to click through ads?
Because we are locally based, and believe that impression based advertising (that is, advertising where you pay by the number of times an ad is show as opposed to the number of times it is clicked on) is a fairer model for this market. Because you are local, and our visitors are generally speaking local (or looking to visit Clarington), your ads work not just as a way to drive visitors to your website, but as a means of heightening your brand awareness with people who will actually visit your brick and mortar establishment. If, for example, your ad promotes a sale, a web visitor may not click to go to your website .... they may decide to hop in their car and drive to your store instead, which in our minds is what advertising is ultimately about. Impression based ads take this reality into account.

How do I know my ads are being shown the number of times you say that they are show?
We track your ads in two ways. We use OpenX software to track the number of impressions your ad receives, and then we make sure that the numbers are not skewed by robots or click fraud by using Google Analytics software to track the characteristics of visitors (no, we don't see your name or address, for those of you with privacy concerns ... but we can tell if you are a 'robot' or a legitimate visitor). If we notice irregularities, we will adjust the impression count for an advertiser. We don't use log files (which can be misleading) to give you inflated impression counts.

What next?
If you need to be convinced that we are a good fit for your advertising needs, visit our Advertising page by clicking here, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 905-728-3198. If you're convinced, and want to try us out, visit our payment page by clicking here.





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